2 Bedroom apartments in Newcastle

Is this your first year at University and you’d feel more comfortable sharing your student apartment with a roommate? Or maybe you simply prefer having more space at your disposal? Two-bedroom apartments in Newcastle combine convenient rent prices with all the amenities you need, so that you can feel at home in your student apartment. And better yet, at Walton Robinson, we’ll help you choose the ones that are located in the most coveted areas.

Why choose us

Walton Robinson is a local, independent sales and lettings estate agent in Newcastle. Throughout our decades of experience, we have learned the ins and outs of every area in Newcastle, building an extensive network of properties to match every budget and lifestyle. From Newcastle City Centre to the neighbouring communities, we can help you find a superb apartment anywhere.

Not only can we can offer you access to a huge database of student properties in Newcastle, including two-bedroom apartments, but also help you with bespoke advice on how to choose the right apartment depending on your budget and needs.

Where to rent great two-bedroom apartments in Newcastle

There are several things to consider before choosing your student apartment, but it all starts with location. Fortunately, as Britain’s main student hub, Newcastle has several student-friendly areas that offer both convenient transport connections and fun places to hang out:

  • Newcastle City Centre: from bubbly bars to fancy restaurants and glamorous nightclubs, Newcastle City Centre has it all, not to mention that the public transport hubs will make it easy to get around.
  • Jesmond: there are plenty of spacious two-bedroom apartments in Jesmond and, even if it’s not quite in the city centre, it’s still the top location for student accommodation in Newcastle. Students love it because it offers limitless entertainment options, great transport connections and fantastic places to eat.
  • Heaton: as the “hip and trendy” area of Newcastle, Heaton has a laid-back vibe and a growing appeal to students. Great bus services, a high street with everything you need, and the friendly community are three key benefits students can enjoy in Heaton.
  • Sandyford: located at the bottom of Osborne Road in Jesmond, Sandyford is also serviced by the Jesmond metro station, so students who live here get all the benefits of the Jesmond lifestyle, while at the same time having their fun local community.

Are two-bedroom apartments right for your lifestyle?

In Newcastle, two-bedroom apartments and one-bedroom apartments are the top choices among students, mostly because housing options of this type have a convenient location, offering easy access both to the campus and the student-friendly venues. What sets them apart is that, in the case of two-bedroom apartments, you can split the cost of rent and utilities with a roommate, so you can afford a nice, spacious apartment even when you are on a tight budget.  Or, if budget is not an issue for you, then two-bedroom apartments truly offer you everything you could ask from your student life: plenty of space, excellent location and enough entertainment options so you never get bored.