6 bedroom houses to rent in Newcastle upon Tyne

Do you want to live with lots of friends, make the most out of the Newcastle student experience, and still have some money left? Then you might want to rent a 6-bedroom house. Shared with friends, this student accommodation option is surprisingly affordable, and you don’t have to compromise on anything: budget, location, or features. If you like the idea, contact us or drop by our office in Newcastle City Centre and together we’ll look through our vast portfolio of properties to find the perfect place to live for you and your friends!  

Expert insights from our team of 100% local lettings agents 

Moving into a new city for Uni is definitely exciting, but looking for a place to stay can be confusing. The Walton Robinson team can be your guide to Newcastle, so that you don’t waste weeks viewing properties. We’re a 100% local lettings agency, and our experts know every neighbourhood by heart. We also specialise in student properties, which means that we’re already familiar with your requirements and we know what to look for: excellent transport links, proximity to campus, access to Newcastle’s hottest student pubs, and much more. 

Benefits of living in a 6-bedroom house with your friends

Big house, crowded house? Not at all. Our range of 6-bedroom houses includes spacious properties that offer fantastic living conditions and offer you more privacy than a student hall. 

And that’s not all: 


  • You get to live with a larger group of friends – people you already know and trust, and who can be your support network throughout Uni. Whether you need someone to look over your essay at the last minute or help you with cooking, one of your friends will always be available. And you can make memories for life!

  • 6-bedroom houses are incredibly cost-effective since more people will be splitting the rent cost, bills, and monthly supplies.

  • These properties are much more spacious and luxurious compared to a small house and can have features such as lounge areas, gardens, and multiple garages. Usually, renting such a home is very expensive, but you can afford it by splitting the rent cost with friends.

  • You can split chores, which will not only strengthen your friendship but also get the work done faster.

  • There’s always something going on. Feeling bored or homesick? When you live with five of your best mates, you won’t need to wait long for a pick-me-up, whether that’s a movie night, cooking experiment, or home party. 


If all of the above sound like something you look forward to, contact us and we’ll start browsing for properties right away. Hurry up though! 6-bedroom houses are rarer than other properties so the sooner you get in touch with us, the higher the chances of finding exactly what you’re looking for.