Protecting Your Student House


Walton Robinson have teamed up with Homelet, a provider of tenant content insurance to ensure that your belongings in your new accommodation are protected! We understand that ensuring your personal belongings are secure and covered is extremely important.

Student housing can be an easy target for thieves. Some of our properties have up to eight tenants, which means there can be eight lots of laptops, mobile phones, televisions and other valuables in one property, so we have put together some top tips on security and insuring your things.


Keeping your home and gear safe!

  • It’s probably an obvious one but it’s not one to forget, always make sure your doors and windows are locked when you’re out. It's a good idea keep in touch with your housemates so you know who is the last to leave.
  • Remember to keep your expensive and electrical goods hidden from outside view, you never know who’s walking past.
  • Even when you’re in the house it’s still important to keep everything safe, simple things like remembering to turn off chargers and hot electricals when you aren’t using them can really save you the hassle of unnecessary accidents.
  • Try not to make it so obvious that you are living in student housing, things like a window full of empty beer bottles and your impressive collection of traffic cones let the thieves know exactly who is living there.
  • Do you have a bike? We advise you invest in a bike lock and keep it secured whenever possible.
  • Robberies occur in daylight too and many student houses are targeted during the day where thieves simply walk in, take what they want and walk back out again without being noticed. Don’t make it easy for them.
  • Make sure you tell your house mates and Walton Robinson if you are going away, this way we can help ensure your house is safe and secure.


Hopefully your student house and your belongings will be safe throughout your tenancy but if a break-in or any other accident occurs, it could be costly. Walton Robinson advise that all our tenants take out contents insurance - get in touch if you have any questions.

You can choose to take out insurance with any company you prefer. If you are interested in a free, no-obligation, quote from insurance company Homelet (who specialise in tenants insurance) please feel free to get in touch using the banner link below.