What to pack for uni?

Student packing for Christmas

Ready to Pack?

So, you’ve signed for your house, paid your deposit and you’re ready to pack. But what do you take when you’re leaving home for the first time or even moving to a whole new country to start university? 

Don’t forget...

·         Duvet, pillows and bed sheets (plus spares for when the first set are in the wash!)

·         You will need your own plates, glasses, cutlery and pans and any other utensils or gadgets you will use whilst cooking. 

·         Towels, bathmats, toilet brushes and personal bathroom essentials.

·         Cleaning products and equipment are essential as unfortunately, your student house will not come with a cleaner.

·         Storage boxes, clothes hangers, laundry bag 

Most student houses are furnished and have only beds, wardrobes, drawers included in the bedrooms.


Now that is a lot of stuff you need to go shopping for... that’s why we’ve partnered up with UniKitOut to make sure you can get everything you need in one place and at a fantastic price.

From kitchen essentials to extras such as rice cookers, they do everything and you can have it delivered to our office to pick up when you collect your keys - easy!

If that doesn’t tempt you, we even have a discount code WALTON17 which will give you 10% off. Make sure you don’t do without the important stuff this year and order your package today.

UniKitOut helps to take all of the stress out of moving into your new place.