Buy-To-Let North East Boom

As pointed out in our last newsletter by director Mark Walton, with asking prices still low, now is exactly the right time for investors to seek out new home buys.

The findings, by ARLA and the Residential Landlords Association, also reveal that Northern landlords tend to have larger portfolios than their UK counterparts, at an average of around 13 properties each.

Ian Potter, ARLA operations manager, said: "Traditionally London has led the way with buy-to-let, but we are seeing signs that investors elsewhere in the country believe now is the time to buy. If you can arrange finance, it could be prudent to take advantage of lower property prices.

"Some towns across the UK are suitable for rental investment as they have a high number of students, while others - such as the recently unveiled Local
Enterprise Zones - are areas being targeted for future growth.

"While it is a positive sign that landlords are continuing to purchase rental properties, this individual activity needs to be boosted by larger-scale investment. With demand still far outstripping supply and home ownership out of reach for many, it is critical that more people have access to a home of their choice."

The buy-to-let future looks bright for the North East - why not ring our team at (0191) 243 1000 and find out how we can help?

Walton Robinson