Buy to Let Property in Newcastle: How can Walton Robinson help

Tips for Investing in Buy to Let Property in Newcastle

When considering investing in a Buy to Let Property in Newcastle it is vital that landlords do their research.

Call Walton Robinson or come in and see us and we can tell you what type of property is in demand, which areas are most popular at the moment, which kind of tenants are looking for rental properties and what kind of return you can expect.

It is important that landlords and potential landlords are fully up to date on the latest property news and legislation and aware of the recent changes that could have an affect on the market.

One of the major changes is the increase in university tuition fees which could affect student property as students are beginning to expect a higher standard of accommodation but will now be less willing to pay high rent. There may be less UK students applying to university but the amount of international students is set to increase so landlords looking at buy to let property in Newcastle can benefit from this by offering single rooms for rent within a shared house.

As of 6th April 2012 there have also been changes to legislation which landlords investing in buy to let property need to be aware of. The major changes have been to the deposit registration system and to the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

Walton Robinson are an ARLA registered agent and we can help you find the right buy to let property in Newcastle, give you up to date expert advice, complete the sale, handle any refurbishment work that is required, advertise the property and find tenants then manage the property taking care of rent, inspections, health and safety tests, deposits, inventories and maintenance issues. You can have the full service or select the individual services you need.

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