Property Viewing Checklist for Investors

Viewings provide investors with an opportunity take a closer look at a property and decide if it is something they would like to invest in.

We've created a handy viewing checklist, to make sure you get the most out of your property viewing.


Think about whether the rooms are big enough, especially if you will be letting the property our on a furnished basis. Measure any furniture before the viewing and take a tape measure with you, so you can begin to map out whether any larger items will fit in each room. Consider whether you are simply purchasing extra space that won't be needed.


Check each room for storage space. If there isn’t storage built into the bedrooms, factor in the size of wardrobes and drawers when looking at their shape and size, especially if you will be letting the property on a furnished basis.

Potential for renovations

Would you prefer an open layout? Check whether any interior walls can be removed to create an open-plan space. Can the loft be converted? If you are a first-time investor, this could be a potential future project. Bear in mind that the property may be listed if it's of local or historical significance, which may restrict what alterations you can make.  

Interior walls, floors and tiles

Check the walls for any cracks, including signs of any that have been freshly painted over. If you can fit a 10p piece into a crack (around 3mm) it could be a sign of subsidence. Look out for any stains on carpets or floorboards as these could be cleaned up before you purchase the property.


Keep an eye (and nose) out for damp in every room, including storage areas.

Windows and doors

Do they open and close easily and are all the locks working? Check the condition of the window and door frames and what glazing the windows are. The property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will give you a good indication of how energy efficient the property is.

Taps, showers, baths and toilets

Check that all the taps work (including the shower and bath) and observe the water pressure. Turn on a hot tap to test how long it takes for hot water to come through. Give the toilets a flush to make sure they're not faulty.

Lights and power sockets

Test all the lights and check the plugs. An easy way to do this is to bring along a phone charger and test charging your phone.

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Walton Robinson