Energy Performance Certificate Update

Newcastle Letting Agents and Landlords need to be aware of the changes to Energy Performance Certificate Regulations

From April 2012 changes were made to the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) regulations and it is important for Newcastle letting agents and landlords that they understand the alterations and the responsibilities they bring.

Energy performance certificates will still be valid for the same ten year period but will have a different layout and new rules and penalties.

The possible penalties for Newcastle letting agents and landlords if an EPC has not been obtained within twenty eight days are changing to £200 for residential buildings and for non residential buildings the penalty is 12.5% of the rateable value of the building, with a minimum charge of £500 and a maximum of £5,000.

The new layout of the energy performance certificate has been designed to make it clearer and it is more focussed on prices. Improvements that could be made will be suggested on the certificate including their approximate cost and saving in the long run.

The changes were announced by Communities and Local Government Minister Andrew Stunell. He said "…we're giving it a complete redesign, making it clearer and easier to understand and putting the recommendations for improvements into matters of pounds and pence by showing how much consumers could potentially save on their energy bills".

From April, an EPC must be ordered by a Newcastle letting agent or landlord before the property can be marketed by an agent, who must be satisfied it has been comissioned. Previously there was no timescale for rental properties to have the EPC completed within but this has been updated to seven days.

When any written particulars are given out relating to a property the front page of the EPC must also be given, including by email. Written particulars qualify as at least two of the following; a photo of the building or any room of the building, a floor plan, the size of the rooms, the measured area of the building or the proposed rent.

Walton Robinson