Fire Safety Regulations for Landlords

Ensure your tenants are safe by adhering to the fire safety regulations for landlords.

An Improvement in Fire Safety

There have been major improvements to the public's approach to fire safety in their homes over the past 25 years, something, which is a direct result of improved fire safety regulations for Landlords in recent years.

Fatalities from fires in the home are down by 58% according to the latest fire statistics for England as reported by the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA). They also report that in 1987 only 9% of all households had a fire alarm installed but today this figure has rocketed to 86%.

Fire Safety Regulations for Landlords, the Basics

When it comes to lettings, landlords have a duty of care towards their tenants.  The Fire Safety Regulations for landlords instruct that there is a fire alarm on every floor and they are kite marked and correctly installed by a qualified contractor.

It is recommended that especially in rented accommodation, that all detectors are mains powered and a heat detector is installed in the kitchen area as they are not set off by smoke from cooking.

Smoke detectors which rely solely on battery power are more likely to be disabled, either to stop it beeping if it is faulty, to use the battery for something else and it hasn't been replaces or simply that they haven't been tested and are no longer functional.



Walton Robinson