Ensure you have a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate

All tenants should receive a Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate

Do you know the risks of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Carbon Monoxide is colourless, odourless and tasteless. It is toxic and can leak from gas appliances which are not functioning properly or have not been installed correctly, causing serious illness and death.

Gas Safety Checks

It is a landlord's responsibility to ensure an annual gas safety check is conducted by a qualified engineer from the Gas Safety register. This Gas Safe engineer will inspect all gas appliances, pipework, flues and meters to ensure it is all working as it should be and there is no leak.  Accredited properties will be provided with a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate.

Dated Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate

Tenants must be given a copy of the current Landlords Gas Safety Certificate, also known as a CP12 before they move into the property. If this expires within the time of the tenancy then a new test must be carried out before the expiration date and a copy of the certificate given to the tenant within 28 days.

Paul Johnson, Chief Executive of the Gas Safe Register issued a warning that "If appliances aren't functioning properly they are putting your tenants at risk of death."

Penalties for landlords who do not comply with these regulations and supply a Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate can include a fine and even imprisonment.

Installing a Carbon Monoxide alarm in the property is an extra step which can save lives as well as instructing annual gas safety checks.


If Walton Robinson are managing your property for you or looking after the gas safety under our tenant find plus service then there's no need to worry, we will annually instruct a trusted Gas Safe engineer to complete all checks for your Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate and keep your tenants safe.

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