De-cluttering Your Home Has Never Been So Easy!

Moving in with Friends

Are you preparing to move? We have these great top tips to help get you started, moving house means having to de-clutter and bin some of your belongings. These easy steps will definitely be the key to success when you take to tackling that dreaded task.

Write down your goals, what do you want to achieve?

We find that whilst organising it can be really easy to get carried away, which is why we advise you to write down exactly what you aim to do! It’s a great way to ensure you get the job done with no hiccups along the way. Creating a game plan beforehand will help you get organised quicker


One room at a time – don’t bite off more than you can chew

You’re not going to de-clutter and organise your entire home in one day! It’s always best to do something one step at a time. Getting into the habit of having a quick tidy round daily will ensure your home is kept clean and tidy.


Complete each task first before moving onto the next.

Try not to clutter whilst trying to declutter, pulling your wardrobe apart to then move on to the dreaded junk under your bed is not, we repeat not, a good idea! Creating more mess when you’re tidying will only create stress, that’s not what you need when you’re on a mission to a tidy, organised life.


“One man’s trash is another man’s gold”

Now you need to decide where your clutter is going to go, on eBay, to charity or to the tip? Getting rid of belongings is never an easy decision, even if you haven’t used them or even acknowledged them in the past months or years. Sorting out where you’re going to put your rubbish is essential.



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