Winter Is Coming: Top 10 Tips for Preparing your Home



Mark Walton, Managing Director of Walton Robinson shares his advice on how to prepare your home for the challenges of winter.

 The autumn and winter months are approaching faster than we all would like and, believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about the incoming colder weather and darker evenings.

If you’re selling your home it’s also important to present it in the best possible way for potential buyers. Get in touch with our expert team to arrange a free valuation of your home or investment property.


  1. Check your Roof & Guttering – Check for any loose tiles on the roof and give your gutters a good clear out. This avoids blockages and the risk of tiles falling. If you’re selling, it even has the added benefit of improving kerb appeal.
  2. Garden Maintenance – Another great tip for kerb appeal is trimming back any overgrown trees or shrubbery. Put the garden furniture and the kids’ trampoline into storage – you don’t want these to be picked up by the wind and end up causing damage to yours or your neighbours home.
  3. Control Condensation – The temperature difference between the outdoors and inside of your home is greatest in colder months and this contributes to condensation. The key to avoiding damp and condensation issues is good ventilation – if you have fans in your bathroom, kitchen or utility room, check them over to make sure they aren’t clogged up and are working as they should.
  4. Draught Check – If cold air is getting in it means the warm air can also get out and you’ll end up spending more to heat your home. Check around window frames, doors and your letter box for places you can seal up to stop draughts. Great for your comfort and for your wallet!
  5. Insulation – Good insulation could save you a fortune in bills and could be as simple as adding foam lagging to your pipes. Lofts are another key area of the home to consider installing good quality insulation.
  6. Set Timers – If you’re going to be away from home visiting family and friends it’s a good idea to keep your heating on timer for a few hours a day to prevent the pipes from freezing. Timers on your lights are also useful to fool any thieves looking for empty homes.
  7. Switch Energy Suppliers – Our energy bills are highest in autumn and winter. British Gas recently announced a rise of 12.5% in electricity prices and other companies may follow suit. It may seem like a hassle but it’s worth taking some time to look at your current tariff and consider switching if you can get a better deal.
  8. Home Insurance Review –Christmas is the last time of year you want to be hit with an unexpected bill so double check your home insurance is up to scratch. It’s important to know that you’re fully covered in the event of damage caused by winter weather.
  9. Boiler Check – When is the last time you had your boiler checked? If it’s been a while, you may wish to consider having it inspected by a professional. It’s also useful if you can assure any potential buyers that your boiler is working as efficiently as possible.
  10. Bleed your Radiators – If you feel that your radiators aren’t warming up the way they should, you could have air bubbles trapped in the system which stop the warm air from circulating correctly. You can get rid of these by bleeding your radiator using a radiator key or flat-blade screwdriver to release the air – there are plenty of guides online to show you how to do this safely.


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