undefined If you're leaving Newcastle over the university winter break, please make sure you have checked your house or flat thoroughly before you go. This will prevent any damage and added stress when you return in the new year.

It's important to communicate with your housemates so you all know who will be the last one in the property and they ensure all windows and doors are locked.

  • Do a quick visual checkBefore you leave, do a quick check of the roof to see if any tiles look damaged or are even missing, you definitely don't want any leaks while you're away. Give the sealing in the windows a check too, this will also stop any unwanted leaks creeping through the windows. If you see anything that might cause damage to your house while you're away, call the property management team ASAP and we'll get someone out to take a look.

  • Set the heatingEven though you might not be home, you should always set the heating to come on low for a few hours a day to prevent your pipes from freezing and cracking. If you're not sure how to do this, just ask!

  • Last Minute Checks -The last-minute checks you do before you leave are the most important, check all taps are fully turned off. Make sure all bins are emptied into the outside bin, all of your windows should be locked as well as any bedroom doors too. All doors should be locked and house alarms (if you have one) should also be set. You can also buy timers for your lights to fool any thieves targetting student properties they know are likely to be empty.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call our property management team on 0191 243 1000. Remember, you can always use FixFlo to report any maintenance issues online quickly and easily.

If your property is not managed by Walton Robinson, your landlord is your contact for all maintenance queries. 


The Walton Robinson office will be closed from 12 Noon on Friday 21st December and re-opens on Tuesday 2nd January where any minor maintenance issues will be picked up by the team. 

For emergency maintenance issues during this period please call 0191 243 1000 for details of the emergency contractors on duty.

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