Top tips for Preventing Burglaries

Newcastle student housing can be an easy targets for thieves - so knowing how to protect your possessions is really important!

Some of our properties have up to eight tenants, which means there can be eight lots of laptops, mp3 players, mobile phones, televisions and other valuables in one property. 

To ensure you're protected against burglaries when renting Newcastle student housing, here are 10 simple steps you can take:

1) Close and lock all doors and windows when the property is empty.

2) If there is a security alarm, use it!

3) If the property is going to be empty over the holidays then take your valuables home with you and let us know how long you will be away for.

4) Don't leave any valuables on display when you go out.

5) Communicate with your housemates and let people know when you are leaving, so they know to lock up if they go out.

6) Get contents insurance to cover your possessions, as they are not covered by the landlord's property insurance.

7) If you have bikes, invest in a bike lock and make sure they are secure. Many landlords are happy to provide bike racks for tenants.

8) Don't forget about the back of your student house either! if you have a back yard, make sure the gate is secured and wheelie bins are not easy platforms helping thieves to get over the wall.

9) Don't leave keys anywhere near doors and windows - thieves may be able to simply reach in and take them!

10) Always have security locks on mobile devices - stealing your phone may give a thief access to more, such as bank details or account passwords.

For more information or advice, please contact your Property Supervisor or refer to your tenant pack.

Walton Robinson