Top Tips for Students: Moving into your New House

Are you due to move into your new house this Summer? Here are some top tips from our team on how to make it easier. 

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Check your inventory 

When you move in, the first thing you should do is have a whip round the house to make sure everything on the inventory is correct. This will be given to you by your landlord or managing agents. It's wise to ensure you have completed this as it can be used as evidence if your desposit return goes into dispute at the end of your tenancy.

You will usually be given 7 days to complete this and hand it back to your landlord. 




Set up your Utility Bills 

You need to make sure that you have set up your gas, electricity, water and insurance payments. This can be done on the day you move in or prior to. Important things to remember are your contents insurance, TV licence, council tax and registering to vote.




Unpacking your things 

We know it could be a little bit hectic when you first move in, there'll be everyone's belongings everywhere and you probably won't know who's is who's. Writing your initials on your boxes to avoid confusion, then, we advise that you tackle them one box at a time.

If you don't really need something and there isn't really a space for it, chuck it! If you're moving into a house with other people you need to be considerate that they also have things that they would want to display around the house.




Getting to know the area

You may have done a few drive by's of your new house before you moved in, we're all guilty of it but getting to know the ares you'll be living in is always a good idea. Scoping out where the shops, restaurants and bars are can be really helpful when settling in, plus on your first night you can head to your new local to celebrate. 

You could also introduce yourself to your new neighbours, if you're students, your neighbours are also likely to be students so they'l be in the same boat with regards to moving in to a new rental. 

Finally, just enjoy it! You've moved into your first little home, away from your parents. If you have any questions about maintenance or bills, just call your landlord or managing agents, we're sure they'll be happy to help!


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