What to bring for moving into uni


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The essentials

  • Bedding and sheets, at least two options for washing days- and don't forget a mattress protector!
  • Clothes… Obviously. A clothes drying rack is also useful as it saves space in your house and costs less than using a tumble dryer.
  • It may seem trivial, but lots of students find that bringing a doorstop helps with making friends in the first few weeks, as keeping your door open encourages your housemates to come in and talk to you.
  • A couple of cups/mugs, bowls, plates and sets of cutlery are definitely needed- and they don't have to be boring! You can get cheap, more quirky essentials at places like Dunelm, which will help your possessions to stand out from your housemates'.
  • Cooking equipment such as pans, a colander, spatula… These will come in very handy when making your own meals.
  • Toiletries. You know what this includes, but at least make sure you have a toothbrush and shampoo so that you can keep clean. Painkillers may also be useful for those fresher's week hangovers…
  • Unless you are a fan of the creased and dishevelled look, then it is a good idea to bring coat hangers to keep all of your clothing neatly organised, as most places will only provide a couple.
  • Laundry basket. Having this will hopefully help avoid finding random, smelly clothes around your room, which nobody wants.
  • Ear plugs, you may have noisy neighbours so these could be a lifesaver!
  • Alarm clock/phone alarm. No one likes early mornings but you don't want to miss your lectures!
  • Laptop- Your uni will have plenty of computers to use but it is very useful to have your own to work on assignments at home. 

Optional - to personalize your room

  • Posters of your favourite band, celebrity, film or artwork will add personality to your room and make it feel more 'yours'. Make sure to use white-tack to stick these up though, as blue-tack can stain.
  • If you are worried about missing your friends and family at home, then photos are a must. You can put them in frames or create a 'washing line' of photos by pegging them up on string. This is also helpful if your partner is at a different uni, to help you cope with not knowing when you will see them next.
  • Provided that you believe you can look after a houseplant without killing it, plants are a great way to add personality to your room. Cacti and succulents are very low maintenance, and can be bought pretty cheaply from B&Q or Wilkos!
  • Cushions can add more vibrancy to a room and can help make that uncomfortable desk chair more bearable to sit on. They can also be used to turn your bed into more of a sofa, perfect for Netflix binging or when you have guests round. 

Is there anything we have missed? Let us know if there is and we look forward to seeing you! 

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