5 Things you should do when you first move into a house

5 things you should do when you first move into a house

Guest blog for OneUtilityBill - After long weeks of searching, and viewing properties you have finally found the perfect home and are preparing to move in and unpack your boxes. Although it may seem like all major things are sorted, below we have put together a few key steps you should ensure to check off before you sit back and put your feet up.

 1. Do all the safety checks

The first thing to do is to check whether the property is safe, and all installations are running smoothly. You should locate all smoke detectors and test them. Check also where the emergency exits are situated in your building. You should be able to lock and unlock all doors and windows safely. If you have any queries about your gas and water shut-offs are, please speak with your property supervisor or your landlord directly. At WR, we will always send a contractor to take a look at any reported issues to prevent any further damage. 

2. Contact the energy providers

Take care that all services are up and running, as there is nothing worse than spending your first night in the new flat without water or electricity. Get in touch with suppliers who have been serving the property so far, inform them about the change in the tenancy and set your utilities. From the day you move in, you are responsible for the energy usage in the property. If a person who lived in the house before you haven’t paid the final bill, you may be expected to cover it. Inform yourself about the current tariffs.

Walton Robinson offers a Bills Inclusive service where you do not have to worry about the utility setup, it is all done for you! Contact us to find out more 0191 243 1000.

3. Get your address changed

And redirect your post! If you don’t know current residents of your old property, you can use Royal Mail’s Postal Redirection service. It will ensure your identity and correspondence protection. You can manage mail redirection in advance or after you move into a new house. If you leave your correspondence unchanged, there is a chance that you won’t receive your energy bills which may cause a serious damage to your credit records.

4. Clean the entire place

Your landlord is, in fact, responsible for renting a flat in a good condition, but you should still do a thorough cleaning on your own. Do this before unpacking any boxes.

5. Get to know your neighbourhood

It is also useful to explore the new neighbourhood and find out if there are any grocery stores, coffee shops, bars, restaurants etc. So once you feel settled in the new house, take some time and locate all hotspots nearby.

Once you've done all of this you're good to go ahead and unpack and settle in! If you have any questions about moving into a new home, please call our team on 0191 243 1000 or email enquiries@waltonrobinson.com

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