Deposit Returns: Are They Fair?

Deposit Return: What do tenants think?

According to 65% of tenants surveyed by digital inventory app company Imfuna, they believe they are treated unfairly when it comes to landlords returning their deposits at the end of a tenancy.

On average, tenants receive 80% of their deposits back at the end of their tenancy but 16% claim that there have been deductions made but the tenants have not been given full and detailed information as to the reasons why the deductions had been made. 

Outstanding rent arrears and unpaid utility bills are the most common deductions landlords are forced to make, closely followed by costs of cleaning the property, damage to the structure of the building and damage to furnishings and appliances.

Of all the landlords who responded to the survey, only 7% of them claimed they had never made any deductions from a tenant's deposit. 

It is recommended that landlords and agents subscribe to a deposit scheme and register the tenant's deposit. This means both the landlord and the tenant have access to an unbiased dispute service should there be any debate about deductions. 

If you are a tenant moving in to a property and paying a deposit, make sure you have a copy of a detailed inventory of the property and the condition that the property and all furnishings are in so you are protected against unfair claims. 

Walton Robinson register all the deposits and provide full inventories for all our managed properties using official deposit schemes our tenants can trust. The property's dedicated property supervisor will complete inspections throughout the year, a check out inspection to assess any damage at the end of your tenancy and compile the inventory to keep a fair record of the condition of the property.

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