Welcome to Our Moving In Property Guide!

When you move into a new home, there are numerous tasks of importance to do.

We’ve created a guide for you based on questions we regularly get asked, may be obvious but you may not realise how important they can be.

Where Are My Electricity And Gas Meters

You’ll usually find this meter close to the front of the property near to the fuse box – it should be inside the property. Alternatively, if you live in a flat your meter may be in a meter cupboard in the communal area of your building.

You’ll usually find the gas meter under the stairs, under the kitchen sink or outside the front or the rear of the property. This is dependant on where the gas connection enters the property from the mains supply. If you’re struggling to locate your meters, your landlord or managing agent should know where the meter is.

Do I Need To Register With My Current Utility Providers and Council?

When you move in, your electricity, gas and water supplies should all be working. The energy is being supplied to your property by the energy provider that the previous tenants or your landlord have chosen. You are not in a contract with these providers and can switch to any provider of your choice. You must register your details with your chosen provider as soon as possible.

What Are Meter Readings?

Meter readings are how your energy providers charge you for the correct amount of energy used in your property. Without these, they have to guess! The easiest way to do this is to take a clear photo of each of your meters on your phone when you move into the property or when you send in your meter readings. Some utility companies, like One Utility Bill, prefer you to send in photos of your meters instead of submitting numbered meter readings as it's much easier for the tenant.

When Do I Need To Organise My Broadband?

The fourth essential utility. It is important that you organise your broadband in advance if you’re moving into a new property. You’ll have a few choices around speed and provider, so we’ll help you with the right choice for you.

With the exception of some Virgin Media connections, most providers need at least 14 days to process your new connection order and book an installation date. It is something that most tenants forget about, and then end up hotspotting off their phone for the first few weeks.

How Can I Get My Post From My Previous Property?

When you move property often it’s a hassle to update everyone that sends you mail (bank's, phone company, credit card statements etc..). However, you don’t know who is moving into your old property and who has access in between tenancies. There is the potential that your identity can be stolen from letters being sent that to your old property.

Speak to your local post office about re-directing your post to your new property.

Walton Robinson