Professional house share in Newcastle upon Tyne

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North East economy is growing faster, which means that jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne are also growing exponentially. As a result, professionals are moving here for work and they all need the perfect place to stay. Professional house share in Newcastle upon Tyne can be an excellent option if you want to cut rent costs by living with other like-minded professionals. At Walton Robinson, we understand the special requirements you have as a professional and we’ll help you navigate the Newcastle real estate market in search of the perfect property.

Walton Robinson – 100% local lettings agency

Walton Robinson is a team of local real estate agents who have decades of experience in Newcastle and the North-East market. Thanks to our knowledge of the area, we will guide you towards the best properties suitable for professional house sharing, so that you can move in as quickly as possible. Our portfolio includes houses of all price ranges, with amenities that match every lifestyle. Our mission is to help you find a property as quickly as possible, so that you can focus on your work, without any unnecessary bumps in the road.

Why choose us for professional house share?

Moving to a new city comes with a lot of excitement, but also with plenty of stress. As a professional working in Newcastle, you’ll love the vibe of the city and the many job opportunities it has to offer, but why waste valuable time looking for a shared property when you can let us find it for you?

Your time is precious and you shouldn’t waste it searching for ads. Contact our experienced agents, let us know what criteria you want your new home to meet, and we’ll browse our database for the property that ticks all the boxes.

For example, you might be interested in a house that is within a reasonable distance from your workplace or that has excellent transport connections. Since you will be sharing it with other professionals, privacy is probably a concern and you would like the house to have several shared bathrooms.

Whether you prefer working in your own study or you’d rather rent a house with a shared open-space, we’ll help you find what you are looking for.

Best neighbourhoods for professional house share in Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle may be known for its student-friendly neighbourhoods, but professionals will love it too, thanks to its excellent transport links and variety of things to do. These are the top neighbourhoods where professionals choose to settle:


  • Newcastle City Centre: perfect for young professionals who are looking for convenience and want to enjoy Newcastle’s famous student vibe.

  • Morpeth: Morpeth is located just 20 minutes away from the city centre, but it has a serene atmosphere that perfectly matches a calm and quiet lifestyle.

  • Ouseburn: once the industrial hotspot of Newcastle, Ouseburn is now a hub for creative professionals and offers many quirky bars and restaurants.

  • Jesmond: this is one of the most versatile neighbourhoods in Newcastle and ranks high in the preferences of students, families and professionals alike. Located just a 10-minute metro ride from the city centre, Jesmond offers you easy access to the best stores, restaurants.