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Do you have a property in Newcastle upon Tyne and need a trustworthy agency to help you market it? You’ve come to the right place. Walton Robinson is a team of dedicated estate agents with over 25 years of experience in the Newcastle property market, with an excellent reputation and an impressive track record in the North-East.

Whether you own a house or apartment, we will leverage our platform to connect you with buyers and tenants in Newcastle, saving you time and money.

Newcastle upon Tyne has one of the most dynamic and fastest growing real estate markets in the UK, attracting many British and international students looking to join one of our top-rated Universities. At the same time, Newcastle is also experiencing economic growth, and young professionals are relocating here for work.

These are, of course, key advantages for anyone who owns property in Newcastle but, to make the most out of the market, you need property marketing services you can trust. At Walton Robinson, we take pride in our experience in the Newcastle market. As 100% local independent estate agents, we’ve helped thousands of clients find buyers or tenants for their properties faster and our range of marketing services is second to none.

Why choose our property marketing services

You own a great property in an attractive location, you’ve invested in repairs and maintenance, and arranged all the documents. These are all necessary steps when looking to sell or let a property, but did you know that there are many amazing properties in Newcastle that stay on the market for too long only because they don’t receive the marketing they deserve?

At Walton Robinson, we’ll make sure that never happens and that you sell/rent your property as quickly as possible, at the best price.

  • We invest heavily in social media platforms and campaigns for our clients selling or renting houses. Nowadays, house hunting begins on social media, and we were one of the fastest to adapt.

  • We work with leading online marketing companies and use SEO to boost exposure on search engines like Google for the houses for sale we’re selling & renting

  • We invest in Google Ads campaigns to promote and sell our clients’ properties.

  • We are a well-respected, independent local agency with a large client base. Thanks to our brand reputation, we have access to a comprehensive buyer database and can help you with reliable property marketing services.

  • We take the time to discuss your expectations and talk you through all your options.


Our mission is to help you reach your property goals and take the stress out of the marketing. If you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to contact us or drop by our offices in Newcastle City Centre and our agents will gladly assist you.