Studio flats in Newcastle upon Tyne city centre

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Because Newcastle upon Tyne is such a vibrant and thriving City, it attracts a wide variety of people from across the UK coming to study at the great Universities here or work professionally because of all the city has to offer.

Whether you are a student who prefers living in your own private space or a professional looking to be at the heart of this dynamic city, a studio flat in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne is always a great option to choose.

Is a studio flat the right choice for your lifestyle? 

Choosing a studio flat for accommodation during your studies in Newcastle brings a lot of benefits, including having a place for yourself at very affordable rent prices. Maybe you don’t want to share your space like in a halls of residence because you prefer privacy. Or perhaps you juggle between a part-time job and university classes and need accommodation located in between your workplace and campus. If this sounds like your lifestyle, we have a wide range of studio flats for you to choose from, many including bills and internet access. 

The most significant benefit of this type of rental is that it is budget-friendly. Managing your monthly budget and expenses can be quite a challenge as a student, especially if you don’t have the time for part-time work. But here’s the good news: in Newcastle, most studio apartment rentals have utility bills included in their rental price. So, not only that you will know exactly how much money you will spend on accommodation and utilities every month, but this is also more advantageous for your wallet. 

We understand that managing classes, finances, and social student life isn’t easy. So, we want to make things easier for you by taking the stress of paying bills off your shoulders. 

Studio flats in Newcastle upon Tyne City Center are also located near the main attractions in the city centre, and the shops, bars, and restaurants located in the heart of the city. If you rent a studio flat in the City Centre, you won’t ever get bored there are so many great places to visit, including parks, theatres, museums, and historic sites, and if you already live in Newcastle then you’ll already know the great benefits of living centrally.   

Who else should rent a studio flat? 

The studio flat accommodation option is also very suitable for the lifestyle of a young working professional. You may have just got your first job and have a limited budget, which is why a studio flat with bills included is an excellent option for you. 

Also, another reason why renting a studio flat in Newcastle upon Tyne City Centre will benefit you is the location. If your work is located centrally then walking or cycling to work will be a breeze. Plus, you’ll have access to all main public transportation hubs, so you can quickly move around the city. 

Why Walton Robinson? 

Walton Robinson can help you find the perfect studio flat in Newcastle. We have over 25 years experience as the leading letting agent in the city and our central office location is an ideal starting point on your search for a studio as we’re a stones throw away from the studio flats in the centre of Newcastle.