Don’t Ditch Your Deposit At The End Of Tenancy

End of Tenancy? Things To Do Before You Move Out

You want as much as your deposit back as possible if not the full thing so starting to take a few little steps now in the final few months before the end of tenancy can help reduce the damage to the property and the damage to your deposit.


Start early! There's nothing worse than spending a whole day frantically cleaning your house the day before you move out, especially if in the summer when you'd rather be at the beach or in a beer garden…

Doing little bits at a time in the build up to the end of tenancy and making sure things like the oven, hobs, microwave and bathrooms are all given a good scrub in plenty of time will reduce the stress of move out day and increase the amount of deposit you get back! Cleaning costs are one of the most common deductions landlords have to make from a tenant's deposit.


Make sure all your bills are paid up to date and you have informed the suppliers of the end of tenancy date and when you are moving out, providing them with a forwarding address.

If there are outstanding rent arrears on your account, it is important that these are also paid before you move out and we have a forwarding address for you.

If you changed your bank statements or phone bills to be posted to your term time/rental property, remember to update them with your new address.


Don't leave anything behind at the end of tenancy; anything you brought with you should be taken away again when you move out! If you need storage space over the summer or for a few weeks in between moving out and moving into your next property then WR can help. We have secured a deal with Storage Centres inNewcastleto give our tenants 20% off. Click here to visit our offers page.


Simply hand your keys in at the WR offices once you have moved all your things out and we will be able to conduct the end of tenancy checkout inspection.


It will take time for us to complete the inspection and determine any deductions we think may need to be made from your deposit following the end of tenancy. Your property supervisor will be in touch as soon as it has been completed and inform you of the amount of the deposit which will be returned. If you do not agree with the proposed charges you can negotiate with the landlord or consult the scheme the deposit has been held under.

End of Tenancy Advice

For further information on your end of tenancy please don't hesitate to contact the office on 0191 243 1000 or email

Walton Robinson